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Friday, February 3, 2023 5:00-7:00pm Collins Recital Hall

Day-to-day societal, cultural, and political growth impacts the society we live in. The emergence of the transgender/queer/non-binary singing student reflects the significant changes in the socio-political understanding and workings of gender, and this offers crucial opportunities for the academic community. While there is a growing interest, resources are still limited in understanding the best practice and approaches to work with this student demographic.

One of the primary goals of this workshop is to create and spark awareness of shifting perspectives in pedagogies. This workshop-based event directly responds to the growing need for visibility for trans, queer, and non-binary individuals, especially in the performing arts. Furthermore, it aims to equip participants with a preliminary knowledge of socially relevant and culturally important voice pedagogy. This event hopes to provide resources on repertoire, training, and safe singing practice through a lens that centers on the individual struggles and needs of transgender and non-binary students.

Topics include considerations for gender expansive pedagogy, exploration of the PIRA scale, and proposals of possibilities for gender expansive vocalization through vocal exercises and compassionate conversation.

At the conclusion of this intensive, participants will be able to:

● Begin supporting gender diverse students with appropriate language and care

● Inform students about aspects of voice transition

● Explore gender expansive voice pedagogy and the PIRA (pitch, inflection, resonance, articulation) scale


This is an introductory course. If participants want to engage further, we will share information on our upcoming workshops and trainings that deepen your knowledge of working with trans and non binary clients.

This event is funded by the UW–Madison Division of Arts Artivism Student Action Program (ASAP)

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