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All Hands In

About Us


DEIB Festival is committed to facilitate awareness and provide social justice opportunities for students through this series of events focusing on DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging), leadership, collaboration, and community engagement. 

Dance Performance
DEIB logo.png


Our DEIB Festival logo includes each letter of D.E.I.B.

The piano lid and alto clef of within the logo represent music and music sharing. The wing expresses our soaring hope for thriving arts and music education. The heart depicts our passion to support and share music with the community.

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DEIB Festival is sponsored by the Mead Witter School of Music & UW-Madison Keyboard Area


Our Beginning

In 2021, DEIB Festival was founded affiliated with UW-Madison MTNA Collegiate Chapter first. In order for the arts and music education to thrive, we need strong advocates who are willing to reach out to society and demonstrate the countless ways that music makes our lives more meaningful and worthwhile. DEIB Festival is committed to building a stronger link between the University and the community, while continuing to invest in our own development as musicians and teachers in order to model the highest artistic values and professional standards.

To those ends, we develop and put into action various pedagogical projects that bring together established professionals, UW students, and community members. We are always eager to find new ways of fostering holistic and innovative approaches to sharing music and music-making, and look forward to meeting you at one of our events. 

Meet The Team

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Lina Yoo Min Lee


Executive Artistic Director

james o.jpeg

James Osorio


Screen Shot 2022-10-25 at 10.34.10 PM.png

Eric Delgado

Associate Artistic Driector

Ben carlee.jpeg

Ben Carlee

Managing Director

Meet The DEIB Committee Members

Mimmi Fulmer

Professor of Voice and Opera

Laura Schwendinger

Professor of Composition

Conor Nelson

Associate Professor of Flute

Johannes Wallmann

Director of Jazz Studies & Associate Professor of Music, Co-chair of the DEIB comitte

Lindsay Flowers

Assistant Professor of Oboe
Co-chair of the DEIB committees

Alexander Gonzalez

Assistant Director of Bands

Michael Weinstein-Reiman

Assistant Professor of Music Theory

Lina Yoo Min Lee

Faculty Lecturer in Piano


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  • Screen Shot 2022-01-28 at 11.47.51 PM
Screen Shot 2022-01-28 at 3.22.02 PM.png

Our organization would like to express our deepest appreciation to Prof. Jessica Johnson who brought better awareness of BIPOC, systematically  & historically marginalized composers to the School of Music. She inspired our organization to make the DEIB Festival possible with her unwavering support and invaluable guidance.

Our organization would like to extend our sincere thanks to Tim Russell who helped us building a connection in 2021 between the School of Music and Dance Department. Without his support, our creative music and dance collaboration was not possible.

Jessica Johnson

Tim Russell

Professor of Piano & Pedagogy

at UW-Madison

Associate Lecturer in Dance

at UW-Madison

Thanks also to...

Susan C. Cook

Director of SOM at UW

Martha Fischer

Associate Director of SOM at UW

Wendy Johnson

Assistant Director of SOM at UW

Brian Heller

Director of Music Facilities in SOM at UW

Eric Murtaugh

Communications Manager at UW

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