Hasun Kim, Piano
Hasun Kim Headshot.jpeg

I am Hasun Kim, an exchange student from South Korea. I am studying education and also have an interest in rehabilitation psychology.

I have played piano since when I was three years old; piano has always been there for me as one of my longest friends in joy and in sorrow. It also gave me numerous precious connections with others; I served the worships in the Christian communities I have belonged as an accompanist or a keyboard player in worship bands. I performed for, and sometimes with, the people I cherished and admired. Sympathizing with my beloved three siblings and my friends through music is one of the things that makes me happiest.

I am so grateful that I can get such a wonderful chance to perform in this recital during my last semester at UW-Madison. I hope my journey of life can be reached you through my performance and everybody can feel the rejoicing, beauty and consolation that I have experienced through piano through this recital!