Caitriona Quirk, Dance

Caitriona Quirk (they/them) is a fourth-year at UW Madison pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Dance with a Pilates Certificate. Along with their degree, Caitriona is also pursuing an academic emphasis in pre-med. They have performed in works by faculty members Christopher Walker and Li-Chiao-Ping as well as by various student choreographers. Caitriona had their work presented in faculty adjudicated concerts at UW and had multiple screen dances entered into film festivals. This year, Caitriona was one of two recipients of the Senior Honors Award through the dance department, pursuing research about the somatic experience of fear and discomfort. This followed a semester at NOLS (Once known as the National Outdoor Leadership School), where they attended the Wilderness Medicine and Rescue Semester course, receiving various rescue certifications and EMT training. Continuing their work with Pilates, Caitriona also began teaching Pilates in Madison at the Boulders Climbing Gym to find a bridge between somatics, outdoor recreation, and movement. They are also working as a research and production assistant for the UW dance department, following their passion for research and professional photography workt's easy.